Simetrya is born of the heart and of the experience. We are a team of

professionals of the textile world that love the excellence and bet on the quality

of the product that you have in your hands. We offer you cozy,

avant-garde and functional products to fill the more intimate spaces of your

home: your bed, your table, your bath. We select the best fabrics,

we pamper the finishes and take care of the detail in every stitch of our

fabrics. All of this to reach you, the axis on which Simetrya turns.


Our brand

Simetrya is a constant at home. When we organize a table,

when we decorate a room, we play with the objects and the spaces

that surround us to reach the harmony and the balance that offer us


Simetya is defined as " the exact correspondence of all the parts of

one figure with respect to a center, an axis or a plane ". In Simetrya the effort

of our professionals, the selection of the raw materials and the quality of

our articles revolve around your satisfaction and your well-being.


Our commitment to society

At Simetrya we want to be a sustainable company taking care and improving

the management of residues and assuring the manufacture of our products

under the European regulation of Environment. We want to contribute actively

to preserving nature. We will donate 1 % of our benefits to those entities that work to relieve extreme situations of our more nearby environment.