Return Policy

What steps must I follow to return an article?

If the product does not have a fault of manufacture, contact us by telephone or send us an e-mail to inform us of the return and fill the Return Page that you will receive with

The product in the moment of delivery. You will find the form on the back of the delivery note.

To return it, it include all the original packaging, the instructions,

delivery note and the documents attached. It must be sent in the same

conditions you received it.  The product mustn’t be used.

Pack and seal the product with the original packaging.

You have a term of 15 days from the date of receipt of the article.

If they are personalized articles or made-to-measure you will not be able to return them

unless they have a manufacture defect.

We will contact you to send you the transporter and gather the product.

Do I have to pay for the cost of the return?

Yes, except for a defective article.


When will I receive the amount of my return?

We will examine the article and will report you if you have the right to the

return of the invoice, we will pay it as soon as possible and in the term

of 30 days from when you sent us the e-mail reporting of the return.

When it is a manufacture defect we will pay the cost of

the article and of the postage that you paid.

How will I receive the amount of the return?

We will use the same procedure that you used when you bought the article,

we will pay in the same credit card you used to buy, or by

a transfer to the account you indicate to us, if you bought it by transfer.


Can I change an order?

If you warn us immediately by telephone 936 222 467 and the order is not

in course yet, you can do it. Otherwise we will send it to you and you will have to request a return and buy a new purchase.

Orders with special measures once given can not be returned.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes,  when the product has not been packaged or sent.

Contact us immediately by the mail or call us at

Telephone 936 222 467.