This web page is property of SIMETRYA HOME S.L. (Hereafter,

"SIMETRYA"), located in Barcelona, Street Aribau nº168, 1º1 ª provided

Of N.I.F number B-65435547. Inscribed in the Mercantile Record of Barcelona,

Volume 42180, Document 96, Page number B-402978.


The service of the web site and of other services has, in the beginning,  an indefinite duration. SIMETRYA, nevertheless, is authorized to terminate or to suspend the service in any moment.


Through this LEGAL NOTICE it is tried to regulate the access and use, and in general, the relation between this web page (in forward "WEB") accessible in the Internet direction and the users of the same. (In Forward "USERS")



Conditions of use and acceptance


The access and use of the web site, property of the mercantile SIMETRYA HOME S.L, grants the condition of user to the visitor of Web and it implies the total acceptance, without reservations on part of the user,of the present conditions of use.

SIMETRYA can offer through the Web services or products that will be able to be submitted to a few particular own conditions that, according to the cases, they substitute, complete and / or modify the conditions established in the LEGAL NOTICE, and on which the user will be informed in every concrete case.


Limitation of the responsibility and Obligations of the Users


With general character the users will have to act always in conformity with the law, good customs and the requirements of good faith, using the due diligence and abstaining from using the Web in any form that could impede, damage or spoil the normal functioning of the same, the goods or SIMETRYA's rights, its collaborators, the rest of Users or, in general, of anyone.

Concretely, and without implying some restriction to the previous paragraph, during the use of the Web, the User is obliged to:


a) To facilitate truthful information with regard to the information that can be requested on the Web.


b) Not to introduce, to store or to spread in or from the Web, any slanderous, insulting, obscene, menacing, xenophobic information or material that incites to violence; discrimination because of race, sex, ideology, religion or that, of any form, commits an outrage against the morality, the public order, the fundamental rights, the public freedoms, the honor, intimacy or the image of anyone and in general the in force regulation.


c) Not to introduce, store or spread by means of the Web any program,

information, virus, code, or any other electronic or physical device that is

capable of causing harm in the Web, in any of the services, or in

any of the equipments, systems or SIMETRYA's networks, of any

different users, of the collaborators of SIMETRYA or, in general, of



d) Not to realize advertising activities or commercial exploitation through

the Web, and not to use its contents and information to send advertising, or to send messages with any other commercial end, to gather or to store personal information of anyone.


e) Not to use false identities, to supplant the identity of others in

utilization of the Web or of any of the services of it.


f) Not to destroy, to alter, to use for private use, to render useless or to damage the information, information programs or SIMETRYA's electronic documents, of its collaborators or anyone.


g) Not to introduce, to store or to spread by means of the Web any content

that infringes rights or secret of intellectual property, industrial

management neither of third parties, nor in general any content that does not show conformity with the law, the right to put it at the disposal of

any other person.



Links to third-party websites


The introduction of hyperlinks to foreign websites with commercial aims remains expressly prohibited by  SIMETRYA, which allow the access to Web, without SIMETRYA's previous consent. In no case will the

existence of hyperlinks in foreign web sites to the Web imply

existence of commercial or mercantile relations with the holder of the Web page neither where the hyperlink is established, nor the acceptance on the part of SIMETRYA of its contents or services.


In any case, SIMETRYA does not take responsibility of the use or the content of other webs that could connect with the Web.





For any question or incident with the use of the Web, you can contact



i) By telephone (+34 93 622 24 67), from Monday until Thursday (except holidays), from 9.00-13.00h and from 15.00-17.30h, on Friday from 9.00-14.00h.

Ii) By e-mail, by sending a message to


Privacy Policy


In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of

Protection of Information of Personal Character, the User finds that

the personal information that he or she will provide to the Web,

will be included into files property of SIMETRYA, with ends of management of

Clients and ends of advertising and commercial exploration, including the sending (route postcard, e-mail or other electronic means) of commercial communications on services, innovations and SIMETRYA's news.


The User guarantees the truth and accuracy of the personal information

given to SIMETRYA.


The users can exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification and

cancellation of their personal information in agreement with the established

in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Information of

Personal character (LOPD) by directing their request by e-mail

to the direction or  by writing to the  c/ Aribau

N º 168 1º1 ª 08036 of Barcelona.



The information that users give to SIMETRYA must be truthful; users promise to keep it updated and will respond to problems that could arise as consequence  of the false or inaccurate information that they have given. SIMETRYA promises to keep private the personal information given by the users, and will surrender it only if it is legally demanded.


Applicable law and competent jurisdiction


The conditions of use of the Web surrender to the Spanish law.

Controversies that will be able to arise in relation with the same ones will be solved by the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona, which will have

exclusive competition opposite to any other jurisdiction. It will be without

prejudice of the competition of the Courts and Tribunals of the domicile of the User, in case that the User has the condition of

consumer and user according to the foreseen in the Law 1/2007, for that

it approves the rewritten text of the General Law for the Defense of

Consumers and Users, as well as other complementary laws or

in-force regulation that replaces it in every moment.