It is important to read the labels before washing, for some articles need

special care. We recommend using neutral soaps. To avoid soaps with high amounts of

optical whiteners because they alter the colour of the article.

You must wash the dark colours separately.

Dry the articles outdoors, out of direct sunlight,  as it is not a good ally of color fabrics, it acts like natural lightener. If you use a tumble dryer remember not to add softener to the wash.


Ironing is easy:

1-Try to stretch them so that they remain totally smooth.

2-Gather them when they still preserve a degree of dampness.

3-When you gather the articles fold them tidily.

4-Place the article on the ironing board and retouch it for layers with the iron.

Duvet Covers:  turn the duvet cover inside-out before washing it.


Tablecloth: before taking the tablecloth off the table, we recommend you spray it with a detergent stain remover or with a suitable atomizer for such a purpose. An alternative solution is to dilute dishwasher with water and smear softly each stain with a damp cloth.

Wash the article before the stain removerdries off. For it, add neutral detergent and follow the instructions on the composition label. If the spots are very resistant and they persist after washing, enter  our web page and follow the instructions to eliminate them depending on the origin.

Be aware: Avoid ironing stubborn spots. They oxidize and remain fixed permanently to the fabric if you apply heat to it.

You must iron a damp article. If it is not possible, use a humid cloth between the iron and the fabric. The iron temperature will be indicated in the composition label.


Towels: Terrycloth towels keep their absorbability when we dry them

in the tumble dryer.  Remember not to add fabric softener if you are going to use

the tumble dryer  because the towel would lose his absorbability.

Once used, stretch the towel well to facilitate the drying and to avoid

bad smells.