The prices applicable to every product are the indicated in the web page of

SIMETRYA on the date of the order including the correspondent VAT (Tax

on the added value).

Sales will be marked and identified as sales, indicating suitably the previous price and the price of the current offer.

The prices will be able to change at any time, without concerning the orders that

already have been realized and accepted by SIMETRYA.

The postage and handling corresponding to the realized and accepted purchases

for SIMETRYA will be the following:

- Up to 69,00 € of purchase will suppose a postage and handling of 9,90 €.

- More than 70,00 € of purchase the postage and handling will be free.

The prices indicated as postage and handling will be applied for all those

sending inside the spanish territory except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and

Melilla. For other destinations SIMETRYA will define and report to the Client the

corresponding postage and handling.


Way of payment

The payment of the purchases will be done by credit card: Visa,

Mastercard and  Amex.

Likewise, SIMETRYA will also accept the payment by bank transfer to the following account number: 2100 3385 30 2200135232 of  La Caixa or to the account number: 0081 0101 31 0001243228 of the Banc Sabadell.

If the payment is effected by credit card, the amount of the order will remain blocked until the order is sent.

In case of needing an invoice, you can mark the option "company", during

The order processing. Likewise you will have to fill the company’s information

in order to proceed to the sending of the invoice.