It’s easy. Follow these steps:

If you don’t have an account with Simetrya:

1)    Click the Start tab that you will find above, on the right.

2)    Register. You will only have to enter your information once.


If you already have an account with Simetrya:

3)    Choose the type of product you want to purchase: Bed Linens, Table Linens, Bath Linens.

4)    Click on the photo of the product you like.

5)    Choose the color and the size (you can consult the Measurement Table.)

6)    Click “add to cart.”

7)    When you’re finished, click “View my order.” You will see a summary of the items you selected.

8)    Read and accept the Conditions of Purchase.

9)    Choose your method of payment (Money transfer or credit card.)

10) You will receive a message with the order confirmation.