Our products have been designed, well-considered and made to obtain two aims: the aesthetic, so that our products please you, and the functional, so that they adapt to your needs.

SIMETRYA guarantees that the products that you find on our web site offer the maximum quality and do not present neither faults, nor secret vices that could make them dangerous or inadequate for a normal use.


The contractual offered guarantee is the one that specifies the supplier or his

Manufacturer, on conformity to the Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of the 16th of

November, by which there is approved the text of the General Law for

Defense of the Consumers and Users.


The guarantee does not include the deficiencies caused for negligence, hits,

misuse or undue manipulations, nor for the wear for its normal use.

The modified products or the ones altered by the client or any others foreign to the Simetrya staff remain excluded from the guarantee.

The guarantee will not be applied to those articles with apparent vices or

faults, so that you will be able to formulate a claim in the maximum space of 15 days following the delivery of the product.


To use the guarantee, is imperative to keep the voucher or the delivery note of SIMETRYA's purchase.

SIMETRYA guarantees the quality of its products and service, but if you receive a product that you didn’t ask for or the product in bad condition, you can contact us by telephone 93 6222464 or send us an e-mail to the following address indicating the problem.


If you decide to return the goods, please follow the instructions and steps indicated in Changes and returns.

SIMETRYA will proceed to examine the returned product and will report to the client by e-mail in the term of 10 days if it proceeds to return or substitution of the same one. In case of return, the quantity paid will be reimbursed entirely, included the expenses and the cost incurred to return it. The amount will be returned by the same method that the client used to pay the purchase in the maximum term of 30 days.